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The Answer To Infection

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DIGESTED FLESH – The Answer To Infection

Humanity, a filthy mark of creation
Drones of the universe
Infect the blood of the helpless victims
Feel the "Rage" in the blood
Flowing like an overgrown abscess
Feed on your own kind
Misanthropic feast of carnage


Victim, feel the teeth vise down
Into your throat, beating pulse


I dig my hand into your bowels


The bleeding~
I turn my attention
To the intestines
Hunger overpowers my urge
I need you infected


Tear the limbs from the socket
A popping,
A crackle,
A Snack……


I will make your grave
The answer to infection
For you are vile
The answer to infection
For they will embark
On their own destruction
The answer to infection~
Love, god, humanity
An illusion of the past
The answer to infection
We left you sleeping
The asnwer to infection
The demise of man
The answer to infection