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Bite The Bullet

Pubblicato: 13 novembre 2012 in Musica, Wisdom

“I understand your every fear
Your every pain your every tear
With every struggle you conquer
Turn heart to steel
And will to iron

You want more?
You’ll get it
Determined, ferocious
Grit down and bite the bullet
Dare to unbind
Smash and redefine

The hate you feel is nothing more
Than love you feel to win this war
The battle that rages inside you
With bloodlust
You must unchain your shackles.”

– Machine Head, Bite The Bullet



Pubblicato: 20 aprile 2011 in Wisdom

“Return these days to the righteous
heal these wounds of time
I have waited so long
for the winds of change to come
through eyes still clear
through eyes not dulled by fear
through eyes behind the soul
I see what must be…

I demand to know the light of a promised land
I demand to see this corruption wiped away.”

Morbid Angel, Summonig Redemption

“The Beast”

Pubblicato: 18 marzo 2010 in Street Fighter, Wisdom

“Those whom I consider a rival change each game and each match.
During a match, an opponent showcases his skills and spirit,
and we create a great game together. That’s my rival.”

Daigo Umehara (ウメハラ)